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    War Bandit has this blog as a Club Penguin blog, He was a great blogger back then, But he decided to quit due to hard work with blogging about Club Penguin. He quit for like 4-5 months, Having an own life at school, Then he decided to go back blogging, But a Battle Realms blog, It was a stress for him to blog Club Penguin but he still wants to blog though it's a pain in the neck. He is 12 years old.
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    War loves reading Comments, He also replies to them when necessary, But he doesn't want to have spams in comments, Spam also has an acronym, An own made one though, Stupid Pointless Annoying Spam. That will explain what spam is. Have fun commenting!
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    All you need is to have a clean site and have me on your blogroll. If i think you are allowed to be in my blogroll, I might add you. But you have to comment first to let me know.
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War Is Back!

Hiya guys! I know many of you really know that i quit, But now im back, I decided to come back blogging BUT a Battle Realms blog, C’ya! 😉

~War Bandit~